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Winner of Botany's Annual Valentine's Day Contest!

We're excited to announce the winner of our annual Valentine's Day Contest! It was so fun for us to read through all of your funny date stories! Thank you for all of your entries.  Samantha Sohal is our winner. Her entry was chosen at random in our contest. Winning Entry:  T he funniest date I've ever been was also my most embarrassing. My partner took me to a fancy restaurant to celebrate a big career move. In an effort to be well-mannered, I ate the appetizer meant to be eaten with your hands with a fork. To my surprise, when I stabbed the food with my fork the food flew across the restaurant and hit the manager sitting four tables away. I was so embarrassed and he + my date couldn't stop laughing. He gave us free dessert as a kind gesture. I instead was mortified by my luck. A funny moment in retrospect.

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