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Inspiration: Dyed & Dried

I am sharing some of my favourite moments working with dyed and dried flowers from the past few years. We dye all of our flowers in-studio, which allows us to experiment with colours and control waste. Over the past year, we've opted to dye our own brown carnations weekly, and we're continuously revelling at their unique colour. We are dyeing in small batches and reusing our dye.

This year dyed brown tulips and 'brownie' carnations were trending. In the Springtime, we played with dyeing tulips and reflexing their petals at one of our floral workshops. I continue to wonder at dyed phalaenopsis orchids and feel they pair especially well with roses and dried palm fronds.

For weddings, we've had a influx of requests to combine dried elements with fresh flowers. Especially popular are phragmites, bunny tail grass, and pampas grass. Everything from smaller pods, dried everlasting flowers, to larger tropical leaves and palm fronds.

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