Inspiration: Lovely Phalaenopsis Orchids

I am having a seriously love affair with orchids. For me, it is the most perfect winter bloom. We get them as plants to sit in the sun and we cut stems upon stems to tuck into bouquets. 

We often associate the white orchid with innocence, beauty, wealth and elegance. Orchids are also considered symbols of love because of the fact that the plants grow easily, and bloom under most conditions. During the Victorian era, it was a custom to gift exotic and rare flowers to show love and affection. It was even believed that rarer the flower you chose as a gift, deeper was your love. In parts of Europe, orchids were used as a key ingredient in love potions.

What better bloom to pair with roses to express your love this Valentine's Day!

ORCHID - Love; Beauty; Refinement; Beautiful Lady; Chinese Symbol for Many Children
PALM LEAVES - Victory and Success
ROSES Bouquet of Full Bloom - Gratitude
ROSE White - Innocence and Secrecy
ROSE Yellow - Joy, Friendship

Roses Vs Orchids - Poem by Menash Mohan Shrestha

The wilting orchids are always eclipsed.
Amongst the bouquet of ostentatious roses.
Derelict epiphytes finding their life in cracks and crevasses.
But the lover's choices finding their life in zillion hearts.
The dichotomy of the collision between the two existence.
Too quite to understand and too loud to ignore.


The Orchids - Poem by Zhulduz Baizakova


Where the poems are born from? 
From the Orchid they are
Discharged by the Anguish asleep
That burns deeply the armour
Up to the bones naked seen
And the hand of the Loneliness
Feeds the shadows
Whose petals are sick
And too carmine
Shall the Orchid too sleep? 


Tender roots of the Orchid
That is scarlet as blood
Shape the sculpture
Of rare reflection
From the transcendent seconds 
That pass
Just enough
Just to glance
At the sunset departing
Followed by the shadows
Whose nature is lilac? 
Cast upon snowy winter
That longs for the Sun
Inside black fiery lashes
Of the frozen tomorrow.


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